• MW7303-S

Indoor Normal-Pitch LED Screen

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BDTSecureMW7303-S LED Full-Color Display Unit V2.0.pdf

* 3mm pixel pitch. The R, G, B wafers are encapsulated together to form a single pixel, delivering excellent color mixing effect and consistency.

* The lamp board and drive board are integrated, ensuring even current distribution, low power consumption, and fast heat dissipation.

* Driver ICs at high refresh rate make the images delicate and smooth.

* The industrial power supply with a wide voltage range allows continuous power. Over 90% power conversion rate helps saving energy and protecting the environment.

* High brightness and high reliability.

* All black LEDs, presenting high contrast.

* Simple iron case structure or standard case structure.

* Long service life.

* Ultra-wide field of view and satisfactory display effects from diversified angles.