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Our Company

Starlink Technology – The good feeling of security
Your one-stop source for video surveillance technology

Starlink Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic security technology. As a Reliable Integrated Video Surveillance Solutions Provider, Starlink Technology consistently markets an international range of products and services for the market segments of video monitoring.

Always one step ahead
The success story of our young company is a good example of the possibilities in the growth market of security technology:
Starlink Technology was founded in 2010 and it has quickly developed from a specialized supplier to one of the leading manufacturers in the electronic security market.

Partner in the specialty trade

With regional agents in USA, UK, Russia, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Colombia, Mexico and Indonesia, and our global sales partners we now offer reliable solutions around the world. From safeguarding private homes to monitoring large business complexes. And we only sell our products through qualified speciality traders.

Security-Center – a member of the Starlink family

With our successful product groups, we always have the right solution for your requirements. Among our customers, we therefore stand for reliable security solutions from a single source. As a 100% subsidiary of the Starlink Technology, we use the established experience of this world renowned security specialists. For almost 10 years, Starlink has stood for reliable protection and it has enjoyed the trust of millions of people and countless companies around the world. Together, the Starlink Technology is promoting the development of the mechanical and electronic security technology.

You will benefit from this as well:
You will not only be supplying your customer with products,
You will also be giving them the good feeling of security!

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