Solution Background

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Modern bank video surveillance systems enable footage from multiple branches to be transmitted to a central monitoring room, or viewed over the Internet. With modern private-cloud-based surveillance systems, bank security cameras and alarm systems can be integrated into a single network. Intelligent security cameras with video analytics such as motion sensing, facial recognition, and behavioral recognition can be used effectively to identify suspicious or abnormal activity in and around the bank. With digital technology, the storage and management of surveillance footage is more efficient, convenient, and accessible, allowing for advanced search techniques that help in pin-pointing specific incidents and identifying suspects with ease and speed. Bank security cameras allow for continuous surveillance of banking facilities, providing protection outside of typical workday hours. This is especially helpful for ATMs

Starlink has been dedicating to the surveillance industry for years, accumulated rich experience and knowledge in a lot of banks. Now, Starlink delivers a new bank surveillance solution which is highly efficient, highly reliable and highly expandable.